Has been nearly forty years and today as the dawn of OMP, we are attentive to what happens every day in the market and what our customers need.
This is our approach, which is known by working with our company.
Already in the first contacts with potential customers, you start to establish a direct, transparent and constructive, with the aim of understanding through dialogue and synergy the right solution. In this sense we work very often – thanks to the flexibility that distinguishes us – adapting the available models and providing the exact configuration required.

The high-tech solutions such as remote assistance, the presence of motion control systems of the latest generation, the cutting systems using fiber laser and a series of other innovations, allow to offer tangible savings margins, while guaranteeing a very high quality of the processed product.

The management company itself, particularly computerized, allows a real-time control of production processes. This turns into certainty of outcome, timing and financial balance.

The size of OMP, but also his mindset, allows the company a constant focus on the customer and solutions. This is perhaps the fundamental aspect that brings those who are aware that the giants competitors will never find a special relationship like this.

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