It was back in 1977 when, in a climate of anxious entrepreneurship, OMP born in Alto Vicentino region (North Italy).

The acronym Oleodynamic Pneumatics Mechanics was coined by the founder Luciano Dalla Vecchia. That name told, already in the early days, the desire to stand out, to make things tough, think about the future.

Luciano had very clear that to make a company strong is not the follow trends or do what others do, but rather that earlier, enrich the market with new ideas, be the first to propose the news.

As happened in 1987 when the OMP EUROMATIC 370 CNC was put on the market, first CNC sawing machine. In the same year originate other innovations including the installation of an inverter on a cutting line, significant step towards other implementations that will drive the opening of foreign markets.

I think that for every problem there is a solution.
But my real challenge has always been to anticipate, understand first, to design machines that are capable of doing more than what is required by the customer.


In the ’90s the company takes off literally. The products are appreciated and demanded from Germany to Spain and eventually reached America and Australia.

The 2000s were the years of internationalization. In Brazil was founded OMP Taglio Tecnologia to which are transferred the knowledge and guidelines and are still supplied the new technologies. A real home detached, independent, which nevertheless remains as an “Italian” company, well appreciated in South America and other areas overseas.