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The term Industry 4.0 (or in English Industry 4.0) indicates a trend of industrial automation that integrates some new production technologies to improve working conditions and increase productivity and production quality of the plants.

All OMP machines and installations can be Industry 4.0 to be ready to face the process that will lead to an automated and interconnected industrial production. Omp has already had the opportunity to work with Italian and foreign companies operating with this industrial novelty, having therefore the possibility to realize already several plants that comply with the principles of Industry 4.0


Make the most of existing assets

An efficient and performing machine is mandatory in order to increase production efficiency and flexibility

OMP is fully aware of the life cycle of all its machinery, and is therefore able to “restructure” the old plants in order to make them efficient and productive again, so as to be able to extend their life cycle within the production process by exploiting so the existing heritage is at its best.
This particular and targeted intervention is called Revamping

Revamping has several advantages, including:

  • Increased productivity and machine performance
  • Increased staff safety
  • Optimization of quality and production flexibility
  • Reduction of production costs


System in Hand

Thanks to its highly specialized technicians, OMP offers its “turnkey” systems, including installation and start-up, supervision to the installation in the event that the customer has the possibility to use their own operators to put the machine in line, training staff and continuous advice and information exchange.


We care about our customers

For all our machines it is possible to plan an annual or semi-annual scheduled maintenance.

An OMP technician will perform routine maintenance directly at the customer’s site.


AFTER SALE and SPARE PARTS: our assistance arrives everywhere

OMP understands the importance of having a productive continuity and the impossibility for a company to face a prolonged downtime.

Therefore our warehouse is always well supplied, guaranteeing a standard delivery within 48 hours for standard spare parts.

In the design of our machines is always emphasized the fact that high-level commercial components are used, easily found all over the world just to facilitate companies to an independent supply in case of extreme urgency.

Also with regards to assistance, OMP technicians are always available for telephone assistance, by email or by remote assistance for a quick and timely resolution of failures.

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