Automatic band formaters for tube, full or open profiles
Automatic band formaters for tube, full or open profiles

The lines are built according to the characteristics of the material and the needs of each individual customer: the handling of the tubes and the packaging are completely automatic. In order to reach the maximum production possible in complete safety for the operators. Thanks to the deep experience and acquired know-how we are able to support our customers with the most suitable solutions for each. The modules of the beam forming machines are easily adaptable to any different type of production, aiming at the optimization of space and productivity

Formatrici fascio automatiche per tubo pieno o profili aperti
Forming machines Automatic bundles for round-shaped tubes and derivatives.
  • Automatic beam forming machines for round-shaped tubes and derivatives
  • Possibility to make hexagonal, square and rectangular beams
  • Possibility of introducing small pieces of wood with a round tube (on request)
  • For open profiles, the movement of the pipes is done by means of magnets
  • Beam forming station which can be integrated with
  • Via roller entry, both fixed geometry and variable geometry
  • Pipe cloning system
  • Pipe blowing system
  • Manual, semi-automatic or automatic strapping system
  • Catenary system for beam handling after strapping, frontal and side discharge
  • Water drain system
  • Bundle weighing system complete with printer
  • Machine programming through a touch screen panel easy and intuitive
  • The lines can be customized with tailor made solutions depending on the needs of each customer
Tube dimension

New light series

 ø 76,2 → ø 219,1 mm

ø 10-100 mm

60 → 175 mm


80 x 40 → 250 x 100 mm
Tube thickness  2 → 8 mm  2 → 8 mm  2 → 8 mm
Bundle dimensions  min 250 x 250 mm

max 700 x 600 mm

hex min 175 mm

hex max 350 mm

 min 250 x 250 mm

max 700 x 600 mm

 min 250 x 250 mm

max 700 x 600 mm