Cutting machine single head model MD
The new MD lines with sliding magazine type CS or reinforced CM, a compact cutting machine, robust, fast and easy to usece utilizzo
  • Step feeder trolley with 600 mm stroke (multiple 9999)
  • Feed with controlled axis that allows a very precise tolerance (+/- 0.10)
  • Excellent quality and cutting straightness
  • Oscillating feed device to prevent material scratches and jamming
  • Locking by means of horizontal and vertical hydraulic clamps
  • Head descent with brushless motor and ball screw: use of TCT model blades
  • Mitsubishi touch-screen and control to manage machine programming
Cutting capacity mm  Ø15 → Ø75 –  60  Ø20 → Ø120 –  80  Ø75 → Ø150 –  130×130
Motors KW 7,5 11 15
Blade diameter mm Ø280xØ40xT2.0 Ø360xØ40xT2.5 Ø460xØ50xT2.7*
Blade speed rpm 60 → 130 60 → 130 60 → 130
Blade feeding Servo motor and ballscrew
Bar feeding Servo motor and ballscrew
Auto lenght feeding mm Single feeding 6~600 / multiple 600~9999
Chip conveyor Chip conveyor by belt
Cooling system Spraymist, compressed air
Weight kg 3100 4000 5200

Possibility to combine different types of exhaust. Several models with different cutting capabilities.

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