Multi-head cutting-off machines
Multi-head saws model K1 and K2 automatic with rotating loading or walking beam, perform simultaneous cuts and unload at high speed.
Troncatrici multitesta K1 K2

Multi-head automatic cut-off machine model K1 and K2, perform high speed cuts
Possibility to apply a basket loader or to have the machine in line with the previous system

  • Independent heads that can be manually positioned according to the required cutting length (automatic positioning on request)
  • Head with helical, cemented and ground gears
  • Possibility to mount K3 model heads for cutting particularly heavy materials
  • Variable blade speed controlled by inverter
  • Possibility to mount HSS and TCT blades
  • Independent microshower lubrication for each head
  • Tube feed speed adjustable up to 50 tubes / min
  • Unloading on adjustable length baskets (on request)
  • Possibility to customize the parts of the system
  • Teleservice
Cutting capacity mm  Ø12 → Ø50 –  12 → 50 –


50 x 30

 Ø16→ Ø102 –  15 → 100


15 x 10→ 100 x 60

Heads motors KW 4 4
Blade diameter mm Ø315 max ( HSS, TCT ) Ø350 max ( HSS, TCT )
Blade speed rpm 20 → 130 20 → 180
Cutting lenght mm max 6000, min 300 max 6000, min 650
Bar feeding Till 50 bars/min till 30 bars/min
Cooling Spraymist Spraymist

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