Tube laser cutting system with fiber source, capable of processing tubes up to ø 230 mm and open and/or closed derived profiles.

Laser tubo M3 omp


Round, square tubes,
rectangles, special sections,
open profiles

Cutting head


Tubes and profiles up to

28 kg/m

of weight

Tube processing

from 20 to 230

mm in diameter

Profili Lavorabili M3 2D
Endless laser cutting possibilities for any application!

The 3D cutting head offers a wide range of laser cutting processes on the tube, on materials such as aluminium, iron, steel, light alloys and highly reflective materials.

Testa di taglio 3D ENG

M3 2D/3D

The series of machines with OMP tube laser technology is enriched with a new model, the M3 tube laser, with the aim of offering a versatile and functional product, with an unrivaled quality-price ratio.

Characterized by a linear and compact design, the M3 tube laser is designed for processing open tubes and profiles from 20 mm to 230 mm in diameter and bar load lengths up to 6300 mm, for cutting carbon steel tubes, stainless steel pipes, aluminum alloy pipes and copper pipes. 3000w source.

The tube laser M3 uses TubesT software.

Equipped with pneumatic locking chucks, with pressure regulation, the clamping action can be completed in less than 3 seconds.

RayTools 2D/3D cutting head.

The Z axis is equipped with a capacitive height adjuster. Laser head with autofocus that significantly improves piercing efficiency on thick pipes.

The machine uses Yaskawa servomotors and Shimpo gearboxes to optimize axis control. Basket loader for bundles of tubes, which acts as a storage tank to avoid machine downtime.

Technical information M3 2D/3D
Workable diameters
Round tube mm Min Ø20 Max Ø230
Square tube mm Inscribed at Ø230
Rectangular tube mm Inscribed at Ø230
Maximum tube weight 28 Kg / Meter
Loading – Unloading
Loading length mm
Min 4.000 Max 6.300
Round, square and rectangle tubes
Open profiles and special sections

By bundle – Individually by hand

Magazine basket capacity 2000 Kg;
Unloading mm 2.000 (optional 4000)
Laser cut
Laser source
Raycus 3kw
Head type RayTools 2D/3D
Machining precision mm
± 0.1 / 200
Workable materials Mild Steel | Stainless Steel | Aluminum | Copper | Brass
X and Y axis positioning speed
Max spindle rotation speed 120 r/min
Tube waste 110 mm (depending on the tube it may be different)
Total installed power 37 Kw
Machine dimensions 10.675 mm × 3.785 mm × 2.500 mm
Laser power 3.000 W
Machine power supply 400V/50 Hz