Tube laser cutting system with fiber source, capable of processing tubes up to ø 120 mm.

Laser Tubo TF120 omp


Round tubes,
square and rectangle

Cutting head


Tubes up to

16 kg/m

of weight

Tube cutting

from 10 to 120

mm in diameter

Laser omp sezioni regolari

TF120 2D

The TF120 tube laser processes straight cut tubes from 10 to 120 mm in diameter and bar loading lengths from 6 to 12 meters.

In addition to straight cutting, it creates holes and slots, markings and engravings, tongue-and-groove joints on sections of round, square and rectangular tubes in carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys and highly reflective materials.

Fiber laser source with power from 1 to 3 kW, others on request based on the thickness to be cut. Fiber laser technology for cutting tubes allows you to eliminate operations before and after cutting, saving time, increasing productivity and the opportunity to access market niches and new sectors.

All phases of the programming process are managed by Almacam Tube, CAD-CAM software for cutting tubes and profiles.

Solid, safe and compact machine, fully automatic, fast, efficient and with a simple and intuitive user interface. Quality components and reliable mechanical engineering guarantee minimal maintenance and maximum autonomy.

Technical Information TF120 2D
Workable diameters
Round tube mm Min Ø10 Max Ø120
Square tube mm Min 10×10 Max 100×100
Rectangular tube mm Min 10×20 Max inscribed on Ø140
Maximum pipe weight 16 Kg / Meter
Loading – Unloading
Bundle tubes – Slide tubes
Minimum and maximum loadable length mm
Min 3.200 Max 6.050 (8.000 – 12.000 OPTIONAL)
Unloader length mm 3.000 (others on request)
Laser cut
Laser source
Fibra 1 – 3 KW (others on request)
Head type Precitec 2D
Machining precision mm
± 0.1 / 200
Workable materials
Mild Steel | Stainless Steel | Aluminum | Copper | Brass
Min/Max processing speed mm
X and Y axis positioning speed mm/min
Total power absorbed 16 KW
Machine dimensions mm 14.267 x 3.572 x 2.138
Machine weight 9.600 kg