Matic single head cutting-off machines
Possibility of connection to any type of loader in the range
  • Bar feed system with rollers with variable speed
  • Locking by means of 2 independent clamps that ensure a locking near the blade for a clean cut without burrs
  • Management of the machine cycle by PLC
  • Cutting head with tilting movement for straight cutting only * Exhaust and maximum cutting length 3,000 mm (others on request). with manual mechanical stops or a brushless controlled stop * = available in version with 1, 2, 3 mechanical stops with manual movement * Remote assistance
Hydro-pneumatic automatic cutting-off machine, sturdy and reliable machine despite its head being the lightest of our range. High productivity machine, works without the presence of the operator
Capacity mm

 Ø12 → Ø80

80×80  20×15 → 80×60

Motor KW 4
Blade diameter mm Ø315 max
Blade speed rpm 12,5- 25, 25- 50, 50-100 or inverter 40/130
Blade feeding Hydropneumatic or brushless
Bar feeding Feeding system by rolls
Cooling system Cooling water/Spraymist

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Matic single head cutting-off machines